Sunday, March 23, 2014

February Boy

It's the end of March, so naturally I'm posting about February. No biggie, right? We also realized (too late) that the aspect ratio on our camera was all wrong because some little boy hands got a hold of the "camrah" and had a little too much fun. 

Vince's "little" personality keeps getting bigger and bigger. He wants to be a big boy-- always asking to help set the table or stir, cut, and serve dinner. He frequently pulls out the mop to help me clean up and he's quite distraught when we're all done. 

He loves clothes and getting dressed all by himself. But more than clothes he loves shoes and hats.  His favorite TV show is Super Why and I think that his favorite movie is Peter Pan aka "Crocodile, tick-tock!" We have an ottoman in our front room that he opens up and calls his "boat" while he watches Peter Pan. Unfortunately, he also figured out that the lid can be propped up and made into a slide... disaster waiting to happen, I tell you.

Pitching the paci isn't an option at this point. He's addicted to the thing. Not to mention the fact that he HAS to have his blue bear and giraffe. He makes this quite difficult for us since he loves to throw them out of the crib... and then cry about it. But once he gets to sleep, he sleeps like an absolute champ.

The park and the pool are his two favorite hang out spots. He would play all. day. long. if we let him. Thankfully he's tough because he's made a habit of falling off slides and of flipping over mid-way down the slide. He also loves to fall off the bridges at the park. Stressful for me, as I'm constantly chasing him and holding my breath in fear of another tumble. Yet, he doesn't mind! He gets up, brushes off the wood chips and says, "fah down, get back up, try 'gain!"

I refuse to believe that he'll be two in May. He's growing up so fast and I know that he can't wait to be a big brother. More updates and stories to come!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boy or Girl?!

Truth be told, we've known the gender of this little one since January! We just wanted to wait for our routine ultrasound to be extra sure before announcing it. So here is Vince in January revealing if he is going to have a brother or a sister: