Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Quick Anniversary Getaway.

We got married in 2011 during BYU's Spring term. Instead of going on an extravagant Honeymoon we nestled up in the snowy mountains of Park City [so I could get back to class]. We flirted with the idea of going to Europe for our first anniversary but instead we stayed at home [while I attended more Spring classes... Oh, and had a baby]. As our second anniversary neared Paul surprised me with another getaway to the lovely Park City. I was so excited to revisit the sights, shops and memories from our honeymoon. 

 Naturally, Paul had to defend my honor from the Frisky Franz

 I absolutely love shopping on Main Street but since we were there during "mud season" some shops were closed. It was a bummer, but we decided to go with the flow and happened upon a few shops we overlooked our first time in PC.

The atmosphere is vastly different than that of the Happy Valley, making it feel more like a true getaway that just a 45 minute drive up the Canyon. Looking at these pictures makes me want to scrounge up a couple million so I can pay cash for one of these bad boys.

If you're looking for the best hot chocolate on the planet, or even in the universe, then please let me introduce you to The Bridge. I swear, it must be made from heavy cream and happiness. Go and get it. Right now.

What started out as a modest honeymoon two years ago is possibly becoming a Hannibal Anniversary Tradition. 
[We'll be here for a while and I need an excuse to drink that hot chocolate at least once a year.]

I love you, babe.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sailor Boy.

If you want to see pictures of an adorable little boy wearing his dad's old baby clothes, then you came to the right spot. As I was sorting through Vince's clothes we happened upon some darling outfits Paul once wore. We're hoping to find pictures of Paul wearing them, but for now you can just enjoy this little rascal.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vince the Toddler.

One. My babe is ONE. No longer a tiny newborn fighting with all he has to lift his head. Nope. Now he toddles, hugs, kisses, squeals with delight, fusses with purpose and explores every nook and cranny.


We had a get together with the Provo fam at Ruth's place. Here's the 5 of them! [right before #6 joined the Burt Clan]

Vince hasn't quiet grasped the concept of unwrapping presents, but with a little bit of help he got the job done.

We were even lucky enough to have Nana join us!

The birthday boy is growing like a champ. Previously Vince was 13th percentile for weight and 17th percentile for height. Now he's bumped up to 40th percentile for weight [20 lbs 12 oz] and 47th percentile for height [29.9 inches].

 Hmm, maybe we should blame the weight gain on how fast he scarfed down his carrot cake!

Life has changed drastically in the past year-- most definitely for the better. I can't get over how each day is perfect. It makes me nervous for whatever changes we'll face in the year to come. I try to push my fears aside and soak in all of these blissful moments. And chances are things will keep getting better and better.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Christmas Stockings.

I love finding, planning, and starting crafts and diy projects. There's just one little hitch that gets in the way of each project going as it should... I'm not a very good finisher. I get distracted or side-tracked by other projects and to-dos from day to day. Recently I've been bothered by my lack of completed projects. Thus, I set out to finish a relatively easy one: Christmas Stockings.

I finished one stocking before Christmas 2012 and never got around to the other three. How peculiar of me not to finish, right? I'm telling you, things just pop up and the half started project gets hidden under some other "more important" thing until all the sudden it's May and the Christmas project is still in limbo.

Well, I put my big girl pants on [my yoga pants, actually] and sewed up the rest of these puppies. I have a deep desire to be filled with joy when I craft, but I generally find that my Type A personality shines through and the lack of perfection sinks me into fits of shaking fists and sewing at rapid lightening speeds just to show the project that I don't actually care that my lines aren't straight and the fabric isn't smooth.

Three needles and a few angry pouting sessions later, they're done. My Christmas stockings are complete. Before I started the project I considered making new stockings yearly or perhaps every other year. Ha! I am such an ambitious joker. These stockings will definitely be hanging around [get it?] until we have a fifth family member. I think it's safe to say I'm good for a couple of years.

The tutorial can be found here. If I, the non-finishing, don't-know-a-thing-about-sewing, beginner can do these, so can you. Just be patient and make sure your husband loves you even when you're a little crazy.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The next few days will be full of celebration. First, Paul and I are heading up to Park City for an early anniversary getaway. It's weird to me that it's only been two years. Now, I'm not trying to say they have been a hard or a long two years. It's actually the exact opposite. Countless wonderful things have happened: Paul graduated, got hired full-time, I got pregnant, went to classes week after week, welcomed Vince into our family, graduated from the Nursing program, got a job, and now Paul is on his way to Grad school! How can all of that be packed into just two years? It all just seems too good to be true. After all of that crazy, non-stop action I am definitely ready for a break to escape with my hubby and celebrate these two blissful years.

Shortly after our return Vince will have his 1st birthday! It has been a joy to watch that boy learn and grow. If I had told myself one year ago how much I would cuddle, kiss, squish and love on that boy I never would have believed myself. When his soft, squirmy body crashes into my arms I cannot stop myself from pulling him into me and squeezing til he giggles. Being in his presence is pure joy. I stare at him the whole day through. I would say that Paul is jealous, but I've noticed that he does it too. We love him completely and look forward to celebrating his decision to join our family.

Our third celebratory event will be somewhat of a surprise, seeing as we have no idea when my sister's baby will actually join us. My mom will arrive Sunday and be at the ready to busy her hands when Ruth goes into labor. I can't wait to meet grand baby # 19!

So as you can see, it's gonna be a good time in the Hannibal Household.
[Updates and pictures will be forthcoming]