Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday Boy

Vince turned two at the beginning of the month. This is totally unbelievable to me, but mostly just because it means I'm having another baby in 2 months. We threw a small party for our little man and he had a great time.

I love having this little boy in my life. He is wild and sweet. He's polite and says "excuse me" whenever he has to move a toy. He recently learned how to gallop and he adores running and running all around the house. His best friend is, without a doubt, his daddy. Vincent wrestles with Paul each night and gives him the biggest hugs. Unfortunately, he's still not the best of eaters, but he's a great sleeper and it's worth it. He's a parrot and consistently says 3 word sentences with the occasional longer sentence that blows us away. I love him so much.

A few fun facts I want to remember about my toddler boy:

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite Movie(s): Peter Pan, Frozen & Finding Nemo
Favorite TV Show: Super Why
Bedtime: 8pm in his toddler bed
Wake up time: 9am.... oh how I will miss these glorious days!
Favorite Activities: Swimming, playing at the park, playing with cars and going for bike rides
Can count to: 15 (but usually skips the number 14...)
Favorite Book: Trucks go to Work & Go, Dog. Go!
Favorite Color: Hard to say, but if I had to guess I'd say Orange or Blue
Bedtime essentials: Blue bear, giraffe & paci