Monday, February 29, 2016

Sledding with Daddy

We've had a weird Winter. Toward the end of February I became worried that we may have missed our chance to introduce Vince to sledding. We had a decent snow and I made the boys pack up and move out right away so we didn't miss another opportunity. Paul was the perfect mentor for Vince. They started slow until they made it to the top of the hill. They both got a kick out of it. I'm already excited for next year when Kate can join the troublemakers.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sneaky Babe on Board

I had an 11 week OB appointment today. I am queen of the worrywarts so of course I was concerned about a missed miscarriage. These days, women are very open about infertility, losing a baby, and lots of other personal issues. I think it's wonderful that people can share their experiences, but it certainly fuels the fire of my worries. I was so anxious before my appointment!

I arrived and didn't even have a wait. My doctor is nice but I just wanted him to get to the fetal heartbeat so i could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally the time came to take a listen! He moved it all over and took his sweet time, but we couldn't find a heartbeat. I was certain that something was wrong but the OB stayed calm and said for peace of mind he'd let me get an ultrasound. I took less than a minute for us to find that precious little heart beating. I also couldn't believe how different the baby looked between week 7 and 11! I could see him wiggling in there and my heart felt so happy!

We definitely have a trickster in the making. Only 11 weeks old and trying to give me a heart attack.

Good thing I love already love you, Sweet Babe!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February Tidbits

 We did our best to brave the February weather. We got quite a bit of snow which made us go a little bit stir crazy. The cold weather also got to Vince and he came down with the flu. Once he recovered we got back into the swing of things. I made a carrot cake (just for the heck of it) and Vincent volunteered to peel the carrots. It was like the angels were singing and I was in heaven as he did the dirty work. Don't worry-- I know I'm a lucky lady!

Snow, squishy grass, or sunshine, we tried our best to get some outdoor time. Being cooped up doesn't sit well with these little ones. We also made a special trip to visit the Ohio Griffioens. They were all singing in church and we decided to join them so we could have an excuse to visit. We ate some yummy food, played Bonanza, 7 Wonders, and Qwirkle, sang, watched Inside Out and enjoyed some good old fashioned family time. We actually had some beautiful 60 degree weather during our visit so the kids got to run around outside too. A pretty good start to the month so far!