Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Home!

There are a zillion things I could blog about, but seeing as how we just moved this weekend.. it's fresh on my mind and I can't help but gush about my new dig.

The moving went almost perfectly. The morning of the move we had all of the boxes shoved into one space, labeled and ready to go. What got us into trouble was the amount of furniture we had. Luckily our new place is literally minutes away so taking two truckloads wasn't a biggie. I can't forget to mention all of the fantastic men who volunteered their time to help us.

A fraction of the boxes we had in the front room
 Vince loved the moving process. He took it as an opportunity to climb on anything and everything.
Our new place is a bona fied  pig-stye. I'm kicking myself for not snapping a few pics of the place before we filled it. Alas, you'll have to be content with "during" and "after" shots because "before" is long gone. I took pictures the night of the move. We got quite a bit done for one day, but over the course of the Summer I plan finishing a few projects that will turn this place into a real home. 

Now are you just itching for the tour??

Welcome to the "Front" room. This will be a combined living/family room, play space and office. It sports a lovely faux wood paneled wall and a sort of greenish damask wall paper. The window is enormous and provides sunlight all day long. It's a huge space and our biggest task will be dividing it up properly.

Across the hall from the front room is the kitchen. The cooking space itself is sort of a galley. The door pictured leads to an unusable stairway; we plan on blocking the door with a shelving unit or some other functional design unit. Not pictured it the portable DISHWASHER. You guys, I haven't had a dishwasher for years. Years, I tell you! Also not making a debut is the pantry, which I stood by for the picture. The biggest downside of the kitchen is how hot it gets. The airflow from the swamp cooler doesn't stand a chance against the morning sun. 

Make your way to the back half of the house and take a right. Voila, the Master Bedroom. Can you say natural light? The house is bursting with it. Curtains are a must and are at the top of my to-do list.

Left of the Master is the one and only bathroom. We've got some cute ideas planned for this bad boy. My fingers are crossed that management will give us the green light to go ahead with them. Oh and did you notice the shape of our [square] blue tub? It makes it tough to bathe Vince because I feel guilty filling up such a big tub for a short toddler bath.

On the other side of the bathroom is the Nursery. I am so embarrassed by our makeshift blanket-curtains, but you guys, I had no choice. I wasn't joking when I said natural like is bursting through the house. There was no way Vince would sleep with all the light so we improvised. 

At the far end of the hall is the Guest Room/Craft Room. When we upgraded to a king bed we hung onto our queen so we could have guests! My sister Ruth has a house and always gets to host when my parents visit. Now we finally have space to steal the parentals for a few sleepovers.We'll also be setting up my sewing machine down here so I can have access to it all the time. Currently though, this room is empty-box-central. It's a disaster zone now.

Well folks, that's a quick look at the "during" stage. Hoping it won't be too long before I post the "afters" on here!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving Day.

I'm a bit frazzled as I write this. Paul and I have been working non-stop this entire week to get packed for the big move across Provo tomorrow. Thank goodness we started packing books and other less-used items a month ago, otherwise we wouldn't get to take a breather to recover at the end of each day.

Despite all the packing, I don't feel like we're moving. I find it hard to imagine life in a different space after living in this basement for two years. The thought of having more space, a better kitchen, neighbors our age... it's surreal. I'm excited for the adventures coming our way.

Oh, but I forgot to mention, a bit, fat, greasy wrench may have gotten thrown into our moving plans for this weekend. We're scheduled to move in tomorrow, but the previous tenants failed their cleaning check. They have another hour to remedy the situation, or else management is going to hire professional cleaners for MONDAY. Can you believe that people?! We are completely packed up, ready to go. If we're stuck down here til Monday we're going to be stinky from wearing the same clothes and not having towels to dry off with or whatever else we might need.

Can you tell I'm having a mini break down?

To add to my stress, this problem doesn't stop at just Paul and me. No. We have friends and ward members who have committed to move us this Saturday, not next Tuesday when everyone is gearing up for the 4th of July.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear back from management. If I don't have new keys jingling in my hand by 5pm, I'm gonna be one unhappy lady.


They passed their cleaning check the second time around and I have keys in my hand! We'll be moving into our place tomorrow just as planned. What a relief!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coming Soon:

I apologize about my mini hiatus, but life has been hopping lately! Lots of updates coming soon:

My New Job
Graduate School
Vince in all of his adorableness
Family in Town/New Nephew
Father's Day
Packing up to MOVE

Life is busy, but boy is it beautiful. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Push Pause.

This afternoon has been one of those perfect days. The kind of day where you want to push pause and forget the reality of the normal day-to-day hustle and bustle. Spending time together as a family is the highlight of each day, but this afternoon was something special. We trekked out to the backyard with dinner in hand, Paul spread out a thick blanket on the bright green lawn beneath the leafy walnut tree. We snacked, tickled, rolled, listened, laughed, cuddled and simply enjoyed. No worries or stress to bog us down.

It all abruptly ended with a large spit up from a little man. But still, it was perfect. And I never want to forget the peace and pure happiness I feel when I take the time to enjoy the little things with my family.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Little boy was sick last night. He fussed and whined all day long. I was so sick of him and felt more than ready to put him down come bedtime. Paul and I assumed he was teething but at 1 am Vince confirmed that we were dead wrong.

He woke us up with his sad little cry. Paul went in the give him some Tylenol because, after all, he's just teething right? A concerned sounding husband declares he is in need of help. Confused, I hop out of bed and join my boys only to find that Vince is covered in vomit. The whining, refusal to eat, and grumpiness all made sense now.

Paul whisked Vince off to the tub while I changed the sheets, scrubbed down the mattress, cleaned the paci, rinsed his clothes and wiped down Bear Bear. Suffice it to say, I was extremely grateful that Vince didn't get sick while Paul was away on a business trip. Yikes!

Little Man is back to his chipper self today, babbling, squealing, laughing and mostly eating well. He's still a little bit off, but we're praying that the worst of it is over.