Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Month.

I'm a bit late with this post, but on June 6th Vince turned one month old!

-- He never wakes up for food on his own, which means we have to keep on top of a feeding schedule so he doesn't starve to death
-- When we wake him up, he he gets the biggest frown and lets out the sweetest cry
-- At about 3.5 weeks he added a fake cough into his cry
-- He grunts, snorts and coos
-- In the first 2 weeks he grew 1.5 inches
--When he falls asleep he smiles and will occasionally laugh
-- In the past week he has started smiling while he's awake!
-- He hates tummy time, but has gotten pretty good at lifting his head and tuning it side to side
-- His favorite thing to do is sleep. He likes it more than eating
-- Sometimes he has man sized farts. It's amazing and hilarious.
-- He CALMS DOWN during the diaper changing process. Isn't he supposed to hate it?
-- He looks into your eyes and can track people as they walk by
-- When he was born, his legs were skin and bone. Now we can actually squeeze his little thighs!

To everyone else he is probably just a normal baby...
but we think that he is just the coolest thing!


  1. Trace was the same way with the changing table. He would totally stop crying-like he knew it meant he was going to be changed! Crazy!

  2. OH my gosh libby! I love him!!! SO CUTE!

  3. I am amazed at how fast time is passing by! One month already!? He sounds like a sweet and wonderful little guy. I can't tell if he looks like Paul or Libby. What do you think?

  4. he is so beautiful! I'm glad you are enjoying being a mommy.