Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Ramblings.

-- Dreams are so weird and can feel so real. Let's just say I was glad to wake up this morning and have hair on my head.

-- Speaking of hair, the dreaded "all of your hair falls out after pregnancy" started happening. It took almost 4 months to start...I thought I had dodged the bullet. Looks like I thought wrong. Darn.

-- When Paul and I leave Utah, I am going to miss seeing Ruth, Ben and their sweet families. It has been wonderful having siblings close by during my college years.

-- Last night my fortune cookie said, "If you want something, you must earn it." After I read it I complained and said I didn't want to have to work hard this semester. Later, when I thought about it again, I was ashamed of myself for having an aversion to hard work. Work is what shapes people and allows them to grow and reach their potential. I am determined earn my BS in Nursing instead of using motherhood as a crutch to blame when I'm too cowardly to try.

-- I watched way too much TV this summer. I blamed it on having nothing to do while nursing, but then I didn't turn it off when I was done feeding Vince. Basically, I wasted a lot of time and I regret it. Now I'm trying to leave the TV off when my Little Man is awake.

-- Going back to school seems so have knocked me out of my lazy rut. Slowly, I can feel motivation returning to my body. I'm setting new goals and moving forward.

-- We're in the process of moving Vince to a 4 hour feeding schedule. Holy moly. I LOVE IT. Who knew that dropping one feeding could be such a life changer? I feel like I have time again. Vince stays awake long enough that I can go out and run errands if I need to. Then he sleeps longer so I can be productive and get my schoolwork done before he wakes up.

-- Last night was the first time a thunderstorm scared me. It was loud and I was too drowsy to think straight. But by some miracle, Vince slept through the entire thing. Man, I love that kid.

-- Paul is so giving. This semester is crazy; it's full of 12 hour clinicals, class, random nursing conferences, test, etc. All while trying to manage a baby. I feel selfish, but Paul's work schedule is now revolved around my little world. I am amazed by the love and support he shows me. He watches Vince and goes to work at odd hours and never mumbles a single complaint.

-- There was a spider in Vincent's crib and it freaked me out. Now I'm scared to put him to sleep in his own bed! Stay away from my son, you nasty spiders!!

-- Calorie counting got a lot harder when school started. Uh oh...

-- I really enjoy reading the Ensign and watching past devotionals.


  1. I know you can do it libbs you're amazing! Hey, I need to come and hold that little man of yours sometime!

  2. You don't HAVE to leave Utah, you know. . .

    And I knew the hair thing would happen. :) But don't worry, you won't go bald. It will just feel like you're going to.