Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving Day.

I'm a bit frazzled as I write this. Paul and I have been working non-stop this entire week to get packed for the big move across Provo tomorrow. Thank goodness we started packing books and other less-used items a month ago, otherwise we wouldn't get to take a breather to recover at the end of each day.

Despite all the packing, I don't feel like we're moving. I find it hard to imagine life in a different space after living in this basement for two years. The thought of having more space, a better kitchen, neighbors our age... it's surreal. I'm excited for the adventures coming our way.

Oh, but I forgot to mention, a bit, fat, greasy wrench may have gotten thrown into our moving plans for this weekend. We're scheduled to move in tomorrow, but the previous tenants failed their cleaning check. They have another hour to remedy the situation, or else management is going to hire professional cleaners for MONDAY. Can you believe that people?! We are completely packed up, ready to go. If we're stuck down here til Monday we're going to be stinky from wearing the same clothes and not having towels to dry off with or whatever else we might need.

Can you tell I'm having a mini break down?

To add to my stress, this problem doesn't stop at just Paul and me. No. We have friends and ward members who have committed to move us this Saturday, not next Tuesday when everyone is gearing up for the 4th of July.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear back from management. If I don't have new keys jingling in my hand by 5pm, I'm gonna be one unhappy lady.


They passed their cleaning check the second time around and I have keys in my hand! We'll be moving into our place tomorrow just as planned. What a relief!


  1. Noooo!!! How frustrating Libby, I'm so sorry! I'm hoping those people hurry and pass their cleaning check!

  2. Libs! You can do anything good!