Friday, July 12, 2013

14 months

Every month I talk about how this is my favorite age. But I am serious this time. 14 months has been my absolute favorite stage with Mr. Vincent. He mimics, communicates with his sweet baby language, climbs, laughs at everything, opens and shuts every door/cupboard/drawer, colors, stacks cups and blocks, sits down to actually read books, runs away in giddy delight when you try to get him, feeds himself, gives hugs and kisses on demand and everything else that could possibly be cute.

Obviously his has his moments of extreme terror, but we try to forget about those as quickly as we can. Along with all of his new milestones have come new reasons for outings. We go to toddler time at the library, walk to the park where he now climbs on the playground and speeds down the slides with a grin of pure delight, jog around the neighborhood to see flowers, cars and watch the construction vehicles lift and smash. He is interested in so many things that going out is no longer a burden for him.

Since he has become such a busy body, we have had to go to extreme measures to keep him out of the cupboards, see below for documentation. Vince also notices little things now, like sunlight coming through the blinds. FYI: It's cuter to see a kid playing with sunlight than to watch a cat run after a flashlight.


  1. So is that a full-body bib or a sweat-suit in the top pic?

    1. It's like a shirt bib. It has a pouch on the front to catch falling food and covers his entire shirt [except the back]. You can get them as IKEA. They have saved me from a lot of unnecessary laundry.