Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Colors.

Paul and I bought a hiking backpack for Vince earlier this Summer and haven't gotten around to using it. That is, until I made the split moment decision early one Saturday morning that we were going to hike Stewart Falls. I asked Paul if we were going to get a work out and his response was, "yeah, we'll... breathe." Love him.

Long story short, we didn't even make it to the falls. BUT we did enjoy beautiful fall colors, crisp air and quality time as a family. Vince was happiest when we gave him fruit snacks. We couldn't stop laughing because he would stick his arm out expectantly and grunt until we obliged.

As Vince became tired and grumpy we decided to continue on with our spontaneous streak; We stopped at Ripples, a burger joint we frequently drive by but never stop at, to satisfy our hunger. Delicious, I tell you!

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