Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Day.

I'm sorely disappointed that I took so few photos on Thanksgiving Day, but these will have to suffice. Throughout the month of November we started a new tradition of making "thankful leaves" to hang on the fireplace. We had Vince color on the leaves and then we would write something he is thankful for. It's definitely a tradition that will stick around for a while.

As for Thanksgiving Day, we started out the morning with the Burt's. They were kind enough to let us join them for their annual Thanksgiving Croquet Match. Ruth and Paul tied for first place and Dan brought in the rear with last place but with lots and lots of revenge. To stuff ourselves silly we drove up to American Fork and had a fantastic family meal with the Dave Paulson family.

Thanksgiving was more meaningful this year than ever before. As a child, Thanksgiving was mostly about eating pumpkin pie. At least that's what I thought. But as I've grown up, moved away and started my own family it has evolved into so much more. Gratitude is a beautiful thing.

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