Tuesday, April 15, 2014

23 months.

Okay, let's just start with the fact that the most exciting thing about Vince turning 2 is NOT referring to his age in months. After he hit 18 months it all went downhill and I couldn't keep track of how many months he was and it just became ridiculous. In fact, for the past few months I've been saying "he'll be two in May" just to avoid using months. So hooray for his upcoming birthday so I can say it like it is.

The biggest news of this month is that Vince is now sleeping in a "big boy bed"... mostly. We still have the crib up and if he can't stay in his new bed then we put him back in the crib. Some people just go cold turkey but the crib threat has really worked to our advantage because he so badly wants to sleep in his new bed. It's great incentive for him to stay put.

Vincent loves going for bike rides with Paul. Last year we found a killer deal on a bike with a child carrier attached to the back (is that even what they're called?) and we snatched it up. He constantly asks to go for rides now. I love that the boys can have some special man time together :)

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