Saturday, September 19, 2015

Utah Potpourri

The bulk of our trip wasn't spent out doing stuff but spending time with our favorite people. Kait Kunz and I had a play date. We tried to get a picture of our kids together... the struggle is real. But at least we documented them together. That's better than Kait and I can say (and that's the theme of this trip-- Not Enough Pictures)! Hanging out with Kait is great because even though we've been apart for months it's like I never left. I love that girl! She's definitely the friend I relate to best since we've managed to stay in the same phase of life.

"Party in the Brittany" from my Sophomore year of college got together. It's always a hoot getting together with Ashley, Hilary, and Marlee. When we get together it's like a breath of fresh air where I can be "Libby" instead of "Mommy". We played dinner roulette, in which everyone brings a random dish for dinner, and it turned out quite well! (No pictures, again. Ugh!)

Brynna, Jordan, and their sweet babe Charlie joined us a few times through the week for meals and walks. It's sad that we just barely missed living in Provo at the same time but it's great that when we come out to visit we get to see them too.

While Kathryn and I were at the Bean Museum with the kids we bumped into Reesa Cornwall and it made my heart so happy! She's one of those perfect, inspiring individuals who embodies everything you want to be. She is a real gem and I was so excited that our paths crossed during my visit.

The Burt's were so good to us. We came and went, partied, and maybe cried a little bit-- and they kept inviting us back for more! Family truly is wonderful. Dan played hooky from work (being self-employed has its perks!) and we drove to The Devil's Kitchen and made a pit stop on our way back to chow down on delicious ice cream at the Red Barn in Payson. Delish! We also went to Malawi Pizza and enjoyed the drawings at Chalk the Block at the River Woods (No pictures- face palm). Ruth and I even went for a dip at the Provo Rec while the big kids were at school. We had so much fun going around and enjoy little bits of the city. And let's not forget dinner at Cafe Rio! But I think one of my favorite parts about visiting the Burts is seeing how they interact with their children. Dan is an amazingly fun father. It makes me want to be more lighthearted with my children. And then there's Ruth. Mother Ruth, if you will. She is extremely patient and I love watching how to she nurtures and teachers her children. They're great examples of how to be an awesome parent.

I also think I went to The BYU Creamery three times. Whoops! But it was so darn good. While there, Kate learned how to dip her fries in ketchup. Life skills, people.

The flight home was a nightmare. We departed around bedtime. I prayed and prayed that Kate would sleep in my arms. She chose to scream in my arms instead. Thankfully, the people on the flight we helpful and kind. There were so many people offering to carry bags, hold kids, share toys, and the like. This was the first flight where MY kid was the kid everyone hates on the plane. Normally they are little angels. But I suppose I was pushing the envelop by selecting such a late flight. Kate proceeded to cry for 2 of the 3 hours on our drive home from Chicago. Needless to say, I was ready for the trip to be over.

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