Saturday, November 14, 2015

Big Reader Boy

As Vincent approached his 3rd birthday, he began showing signs of readiness to learn how to read. He was doing an online preschool and had already begun blending sounds together. For his birthday we gave him a book of 100 reading lessons. Theoretically, we should have done all of the lessons in just over three months. That would have been awesome. BUT even though Vince was mentally ready to learn, his little body hated sitting still for our lessons. It was battle. I began dreading Kate's naps because I didn't want to do lessons any more.

Then something miraculous happened. One day Vince figured out that the less he complained, the faster the lesson went. He began flying through lessons and sometimes requested to do two in one day! In the end, it took us six months to complete all of the lessons. Now that he's done he absolutely loves reading! In fact, he's sitting on my lap right now reading what I'm typing.

To celebrate we went to the Grand Rapids Children Museum. Since day one we told him that he would get a BIG prize once he got to lesson 100. He was so ecstatic to finally earn his trip! His favorite things were playing with the trains, digging in the sand, and playing at the "fire station".

Teaching him how to read was rough stuff, but definitely worth it. It brings a smile to my face every time I overhear him reading to Kate while I'm cooking dinner. Reading has shaped my life and influenced it in so many ways. I'm grateful that I was able to share the gift of reading with my boy.

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