Monday, February 22, 2016

Sneaky Babe on Board

I had an 11 week OB appointment today. I am queen of the worrywarts so of course I was concerned about a missed miscarriage. These days, women are very open about infertility, losing a baby, and lots of other personal issues. I think it's wonderful that people can share their experiences, but it certainly fuels the fire of my worries. I was so anxious before my appointment!

I arrived and didn't even have a wait. My doctor is nice but I just wanted him to get to the fetal heartbeat so i could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally the time came to take a listen! He moved it all over and took his sweet time, but we couldn't find a heartbeat. I was certain that something was wrong but the OB stayed calm and said for peace of mind he'd let me get an ultrasound. I took less than a minute for us to find that precious little heart beating. I also couldn't believe how different the baby looked between week 7 and 11! I could see him wiggling in there and my heart felt so happy!

We definitely have a trickster in the making. Only 11 weeks old and trying to give me a heart attack.

Good thing I love already love you, Sweet Babe!

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