Monday, July 25, 2011

Locks of Love

The summer before my freshman year I cut my hair the shortest it has ever been.
I immediately began to miss my hair and vowed that I would grow it out.
As my hair grew I became very attached to it.
I almost cut it over Christmas break, but I used the excuse of my upcoming wedding to hang on to my locks a little while longer.
The wedding took place and I was left with no more excuses.
After three years of growing out my hair, it was time for the big cut so I could donate my hair to Locks of Love.
I was all sorts of nervous but Paul was there to cheer me on.
Following my hair cut, I cried my eyes out.
I'm slowly getting used to the new length... but in those times of weakness when I can't stop thinking about my long hair, I try my best to picture the little kid who needed my hair for a wig.
In the end, it was worth it.
The last time I straightened my hair before the cut.
That smile is fake...
You can sort of see me in the mirror. So nervous.
11 inches of hair
The final product. Over 12 inches gone.


  1. LOCKS OF LOVE!!! I've done that before. :) I honestly believe that women feel MUCH more adventurous with their hair and are much more inclined to try shorter cuts after immediately after marriage. What influenced your lovely cut?

  2. In case my comment was unclear, I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! :) It looks very mature and smart. I love you, Libs!

  3. Annie- You hit the nail on the head. First, I made Paul promise he would still like me, even with short hair. Then I just went for it! Thanks for being so sweet. You're great!