Friday, September 23, 2011


Libby likes surprises.  I like surprises.  I figure that makes for a pretty good combination.  She is tricky when she does it.  For example, she told me that she was going to buy something, but forbade me from looking at my email until she gave me the all clear.  Well, she is lucky she married me because, by the time the package was shipped, I had completely forgotten about it.

I got home from work one evening and Libby was busy doing some housework.  She asked me to check the mail (which means open the door to the upstairs, seeing if any mail had been thrown down the stairs.  When grandma throws down the mail she yells, "Air mail!!" and lets it fly.)  There was, precariously placed on the stairs, a package, wrapped in the Sunday Comics.
I couldn't believe that I completely forgot about that thing that Libby told me specifically not to look for in my email.  I knew she was up to something fishy.  I was very excited when the box was finally opened.

The first time I played this game was over Christmas break, while visiting my siblings in Texas.  This was the best game.  Smallworld is like Lord of the Rings meets Risk (not to be confused with LOTR Risk)
Not this one...
At that point, I decided that I needed to surprise Libby with something.  She is super busy with school.  Making her a meal is a great stress reliever for her.  So that's what I did.
I left work a little early and started making everything.  The menu: Tater tot casserole (with a side of tater tots), green salad, and fruit (pears with 1 grape) with lemonade to drink.  Everything was set and ready when she got home from school.
Libby's surprised face
I like surprising her.  She liked this surprise so much that she took her own picture of it.
It was delicious.

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