Sunday, November 13, 2011

What you missed from October.

Things have been super busy but I assure you that we are still alive!
Here's a quick update for all of the things you missed from October.

Toward the beginning of the month Paul and I got "boo"-ed with some of the cutest cookies.
One chocolate cookie, one candy corn, two marshmallows and two chocolate chips. 
 This is just Paul being all super cutie.
 The best part of October was having my mom come out to Utah.
While she was here we picked raspberries, ate lots of yummy food, went shopping, spent lots of time together. We also made a special trip to the Grotto in Payson (It's up the Nebo loop). It was a leisurely hike with beautiful fall colors and a lovely waterfall to top it off. 
Starting in about September, Paul and I would be greeted at our front door by the delicious smell of Concord grapes wafting up from the backyard. Finally, in October, we couldn't resist it anymore so we went out and picked some. We then handed them off to my sister Ruth and my mom to make juice. We drank it during a Sunday dinner when we celebrated Ben and Dan's birthdays. 
These last two are actually from November.. but I doubt you really mind.
This first one is green eggs and ham!
I'm sure that everyone knows by now that Paul loves to surprise me.
And this last one is our old loveseat.
We said sayonara to this floral bad boy and replaced it with Grandma's old lazyboy loveseat
Oh happy day.
So there you have it!
A little snippet of October and a taste of the start of November.

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  1. I love your updates! I must say, the green eggs and ham look a little scary to me. Even so, Paul gets mega points for being such a thoughtful husband to you. I sure like you two.