Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby on the move?

Women and doctors often use the word "flutter" to describe what it feels like when the baby moves.
I wouldn't say that I am feeling fluttering, but I am definitely feeling something.
The first time it happened was Monday night during Psychology.
I was taking notes when I felt a little jab.
I stopped taking notes and tried to focus on what I was feeling.
Then it came again... another little jab.
I can just imagine those tiny hands and tiny feet when I feel it. 
Throughout the week, as it has continued to occur, I have become more and more certain that it is indeed the baby moving around in there.
The first time it hit me that I'm actually going to have a baby was when we listened to the heartbeat.
Inside of me we heard a little heart thumping at 155 beats per minute.
Other than that, it has been easy to almost forget the fact that I'm having a baby.
Now, with the little tyke moving around, it feels real again.
It's a rush of excitement and nervousness all at once!

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  1. Oh, Libby, I'm so excited for you!!! :) Enjoy all those precious little fidgets! :)