Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Husband's Perspective

Pregnancy brings with it many different experiences for the husband and wife.  Wife gets nauseous; husband eats more food. Wife gets tired; husband plays video games.  My perspective of pregnancy has changed a little bit as well as how I see and deal with various situations that occur in a pregnant woman's life.

Libby is one tough cookie.  She never had morning sickness, but she was very nauseous for about a month.  I found this time stressful (as I was the one with the challenge to cure all forms of nausea).  If she ate food, she felt gross, but eating nothing didn't solve anything either.  Some things were too acidic, and others were plain disgusting at that moment.  It was a time to be creative in the pantry, grabbing any combination of foods that wouldn't normally be eaten together.

The baby bump seriously came as a surprise.  In one pair of jeans she looked fine, but in this other one she had a visible bump.  Maybe it was all the growing the baby did overnight.  The greatest part about the bump is that there really is a baby inside.  I had the chance to feel the baby kick (or punch) my hand.  I was kinda proud of that baby.  I don't know why.  The baby was probably just twitching in its sleep.  But it was exciting, nonetheless.

An epiphany I experienced was in Elders Quorum when I announced Libby's pregnancy.  They asked me how far along she was; I said 17 weeks.  Most everyone said something about her being almost "halfway there".  I didn't think it would be common knowledge that a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but looking around I realized that almost every guy in there has children, so they know just about everything there is to know about a lady in her various pregnant stages.  

Maybe the biggest stressor for me is understanding that I will be the provider for this family.  I am grateful that I have a good job so close to home.  Libby has been the best Craigslist shopper, and I am thankful for her resourcefulness.  The next year of my life will be challenging but hopefully very rewarding.

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