Sunday, March 25, 2012


I feel like I do this every month... 
but here is a quick review of some of the things I failed to blog about LAST month.
(At least I'm finishing February before April gets here, right?)

We decided to celebrate Valentine's a few days early so we could avoid the packed restaurants. 
We found a cute place called Pagoda in SLC, where Paul could enjoy some seafood while I got my fill of Chinese food! It was my first time trying fried wantons and I LOVED them.
Sushi for Paul, wantons for me!

February had it's creepy moments, including a text from... no one?

We were lucky enough to have my mom in Utah for a couple of weeks. Whenever she comes, she spoils us rotten! This time around, she gave us delicious honey baked ham and the ingredients we needed to make a Caprese salad.
Our "happy" meal.

The night before my mom flew home, the Utah Clan got together for a fabulous dinner. We had lasagna, garlic bread, caprese salad, asparagus and a tasty dessert.
Allie and her Nana
Angel food cake, ice cream, fresh berries, hot fudge and whipped cream.

Toward the end of February, the Nursing program threw a skating party with the Accounting program. We braved the ice with our great friends, Kait and Garen. I was a little nervous about ice skating at 29 weeks pregnant, but Paul held my hand and ensured I didn't fall. 
They're practically Olympic caliber.
It was an action packed evening.

February 28th is National Pancake Day.
This is the only day of the year that I EVER go to IHOP.
Free pancakes.
Paul enjoying the Strawberry syrup.

And do you remember when I told you about Shadows over Camelot
Paul and I lost the first time we played it... 
but won the second time!!
Our winning board
We also played it a third time with Kait and Garen.
Despite cheating, we lost.
That game is hard!

And now you're caught up on February!
... maybe I'll blog about March toward the end of April.

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