Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm making lemonade.

It's easy to sit, complain and do nothing to solve a problem.
. . . . . . . .
It's better to come up with solutions instead of sulking.

We live in a basement.
No air conditioning.
No heat.
(And no dishwasher... but that's beside the point)

It was too hot down here this Summer.
We constantly had fans going.
Sometimes we tried to steal A/C from Grandma by opening the door to the upstairs.
Fall came around and things started to cool off from hot to warm.
Oh, how I have LOVED it! It has been perfect down here.
That is, until today. I was freezing cold today.
It's colder inside than it is outside because the ground that surrounds the basement is cold. Thus, even though the air is warm, our basement stays frigid.

I started complaining in my head, 
wishing for my own home.
Then, I looked at Buddy and said, let's get out of here!

It's moments like these when I get a much needed reminder:
We are never stuck where we are.
We always have a choice.
We just need to act.

My solution was to stop doing homework, go outside, lay a blanket out under the warm sun and enjoy these last few days of perfect weather. 
I felt like I finally allowed myself to escape.
Not just from the cold basement, but from my computer and the TV.
Laying out on the lawn with my Little Buddy was exactly what I needed.

Isn't it interesting how our trials lead us to actions that make us happier than we were before?
Our Father in Heaven always knows what is best for us.
We may not understand why certain trials are placed before us,
but in the end we turn out better for it.

I am aware that my solution for the cold basement is only temporary.
Once the warm days turn cold, I'll come up with new ones...
Like warm blankets, hot chocolate and snuggling.

Isn't life great?


  1. cutest baby ever, and i needed this post today. thanks for sharing :)

  2. You are one awesome lady, Libby!

  3. Love this Libby!! I feel ya! Our house has been FREEZING too, especially at night. We should go on a walk sometime together! Or a picnic! Gracie loves her stroller and hey, it could be her first blind date with Vince!! ;)