Thursday, December 6, 2012

7 months

This month has had its ups and downs. Vince's nap schedule is changing. He bounces back between two and three naps. He's really not ready for just two but he loves to fight that third one...

He has been doing raspberries a ton this month and he loves to kick his legs whenever they're dangling. He isn't crawling but he his rolling all over the place to get to things. I think he prefers solids to nursing, which obviously is not good. He'll only nurse if he can grab onto my hair and play with it the entire time. It's more of a time to play than a time to eat in his mind.

He got his flu shot which means he was weighed -- 17 pounds! We're proud of him for chunking up. Slowly but surely he's growing. He's also developing preferences for people and certain toys. He'll cry if you take someone/thing away from him. It's kinda cute.

One of my favorite things from this month was hearing him say "dada" He's only done it a few times but it make me so happy! I'm itching to hear him say mama!


We get mixed answers about who Vince resembles. Most say that he has my eyes and everything else is more similar to Paul. Either way, he's a total cutie.

 He got really sad when we told him he couldn't eat any pie on Thanksgiving.

He's been a champ during this cold weather. He never complains when he has to bundle up.

At 7 months he already knows how to pose for pictures. Model?

I love loving this little boy.

Don't ya just wanna kiss those lips?

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