Sunday, December 9, 2012

The day(s) we ate for free.

I love good deals. My absolute favorite is free.
Well, turning 23 was good to me because I got my wish.
Birthdays are worth their weight in gold for free stuff.


1. Del Taco: 2 free chicken tacos for signing up and a premium strawberry shake for being born
2. Red Robin: Free burger and bottomless fries. Whoa.
3. Pita Pit: Free Pita! I always get a chicken gyro.
4. Which which-- my first time. Very impressed.
5. Denny's: Free Grand Slam
6. Jason's Deli: 5 bucks off my purchase = 2 bucks for a huge sandwich, chips and frozen yogurt

There are always a zillion birthday offers, but we stuck to the purely free ones, none of that BOGO business on my birthday! Okay fine, except for this place:

Now you're probably disgusted by the insane amount of food here. Please note that we did NOT eat it all on the same day. That would have hurt way too much.

Other than eating a ton of food, my birthday was pretty relaxed. Since it was on a Sunday we didn't go out. I think this was actually the first birthday where I didn't get dressed up. It was kind of nice to lounge in sweats all day. We did presents and worked on a puzzle. Woo hoo for 23.

Vince was an awesome helper when it can to opening presents. He had such a ball with the wrapping paper. Talk about a baby's dream.

You never know what you're going to get in this household. We always reuse old boxes to make wrapping easier. Life's a mystery!

Look at him! Who needs gifts when you already have the cutest baby? I'm excited for Christmas so Vince can open up some more gifts.

p.s. 23 feels old. Like, I'm not barely over 20. I'm creepin' up on 25! ick.


  1. thank you! we'll be using those here shortly! :D hope your birthday was great!

  2. Good for you for actually getting those birthday freebies! I love it!