Monday, February 18, 2013

Date Night.

Since Vince joined the family, our dates have mostly consisted of going out to dinner because we can easily take him with us. While I love trying new foods and enjoying old favorites, it was time to get back to legitimate hubby and wife dates. My mom readily volunteered to watch our little nugget on Saturday so we could escape out into the cool, brisk night.

A few months ago I would have spent the entire evening fretting about Vincent:
Do you think he's okay?
I hope he's not in too much pain from teething.
I wonder if he woke up after we left?!

I must be a new woman because none of those worries plagued me. It was liberating to go out Country Swing Dancing with my hot husband! We were absolutely dreadful, but we still managed to learn new line dances and swing moves. Paul successfully dipped, tossed and held me while I kicked my legs up in the air. We'll definitely practice before we go back so we don't look like the goofiest couple on the block.

Moral of the Story: It totally pays off to get a baby-sitter, come up with creative dates and have fun as a couple.

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  1. You two are so much fun! (I love the hat Libby!)