Friday, April 12, 2013

11 Months.

This has been such a fun month to be Vince's mama. Speaking of mama, he f.i.n.a.l.l.y. started babbling mama!! That and practically every other noise under the sun. In one month he went from only babbling dada to saying and understanding the words "ah da" [all done], "mmmo" [more], and yaaaa [yay].

 With his second tooth popping through we took the initiative to start some good oral hygiene habits. He giggles so hard when the brush hits his gums! Hopefully he'll always love brushing his teeth this much!

After spending a majority of his life being a lazy little boy, Vince is become quite the little mover. At the beginning of March he began crawling on his knees. Just now at the beginning of April is he getting better at legitimate crawling. Still, he prefers being on his feet. He stands on his own when he gets distracted and is letting go of objects to take one step before he grabs back on for stability. My favorite thing is walking down the sidewalk next to him, holding one hand. It makes him seem like such a big boy. 

We've also hit a new frontier with eating. He scarfs down bananas, chomps on toast, loves crackers and is oh-so-slowly beginning to understand how to use a spoon. Getting him to eat enough has always been a battle, so I am loving this new attitude Vince has toward food. Horrah!

When he smiles or gets excited he scrunches up his nose and breathes really fast. He also waves bye-bye consistently... except when we try to get him to perform. He gets bashful and stares at the "strangers" instead of waving like a little cutie. His favorite "toy" is any door. That boy could open and close doors all day long!

 Now let's bring on the rest of April! We have memories to make, baths to splash in and flowers to pick.

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