Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's Day.

April Fool's Day is, hands down, my least favorite holiday. It's obnoxious. It's not funny to joke about your relationship status, your fake baby, a car accident. It gives everyone around you a false sense of joy or extreme fear for your life. And don't get me started with the even meaner jokes: kool-aid in the shower head, ketchup packets beneath the toilet seat.

Can you tell I don't like to be messed with?

I laugh at harmless jokes: saran wrap beneath the shampoo lid, food coloring in the milk. You know, jokes that are perplexing or shocking for a minute or two, but then allow you to go on with your life. My kids will definitely get to experience these silly jokes, but I'll never subject them to ridicule or lie to them about a serious subject just to get a laugh.

Call me a party pooper, but Paul and I have a truce: No [mean] April Fool's jokes.

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  1. I agree!! Well put!! I don't know why we have such a "holiday."