Monday, September 23, 2013

I love a good wedding!

In August my Sister-in-law got married in the Portland Temple. We decided to make a two day road trip on our way to Oregon. The first day we stopped in Boise to see the State Penitentiary that was closed down in the 70's. It was HOT and very eerie. Afterward we made a pit stop at Big Jud's to get some burgers. Vince was an absolute pill and he threw all of his food on the floor. We packed up and got back in the car and 5 minutes later made a pit stop in Meridian because Vince decided to dirty his diaper... what a gem.

We stayed the night in Baker City, OR at an adorable condo. We woke up bright and early to get an oil change before we took off... and by "we" I mean Paul. The rest of the day we took our time with our travels. First, a pit stop at Mike's ice cream, then a long, beautiful hike to the top of Multonomah Falls [completely unplanned], then a detour to downtown Portland for a taste of Voo Doo Donuts.

Unfortunately we misplaced our camera for the most of the time we were in Portland. I stole some wedding photos from Paul's sister, Melia. The wedding day was perfect. Gorgeous weather, beautiful bride, happy family, tasty food, dancing kids, mouthwatering desserts and lots of love.

Our trip home was made in one long day. I am still in awe that Vincent handled the road trip so well. He is one of those kids who only sleeps in his crib, so Paul and I were silently freaking out when he took a nap in his car seat. Hallelujah! He did well enough that I could fancy another road trip soon!

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