Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Squish.

When I was pregnant with Kate I imagined calling her my Junebug or my little Firecracker, depending on what month she was born. I never, however, imagined I would be calling her "my squish". She is my rotund bundle of joy. Recently, Paul and I have noticed how substantial she is when we pick her up out of the crib. Oh, it makes me so happy!! The only downside is that I can't call her my squish forever, because what awkward preteen wants to be called that? Sigh. For now though, she has no choice. She is my squish and I will squish her night and day!

She's quickly approaching 5 months old. She's strong, but content. In other words, she is awesome at tummy time and she pushes up on her hands, but she's just plain happy and sees no need to roll over. She's done it a few times but has never consistently rolled from her tummy to her back. Though she is ever so close to rolling from her back to her tummy! I'm thankful she's my second baby because I would probably obsess over the fact that she isn't rolling were she my first kiddo. Fortunately, I'm totally okay with a baby that wants to stay a baby for a little while longer.

Kate is loud when she isn't being held or looked at. She blows raspberries, yells and babbles non-stop. Then, the moment you start paying attention to her she just smiles and smiles. She is certainly a social young lady. For this, I am grateful that I've got Vince on my team to keep her happy and occupied.

Crazy enough, we still swaddle this babe. When she was a newborn she hated it. Then, around 12 weeks old she stopped taking long naps. We were able to resolve this by extending her feeding schedule and swaddling her for naps. She goes all night long without being swaddled but just cannot fall asleep during the day with those little hands in her face. She just pops her paci right out and then gets loud (refer to previous paragraph). We're working on swaddling one arm instead of both so she can get to her fingers.

It breaks my heart, but Kate recently got her very first cold. She is congested and can't breathe with a paci in her mouth. It has been a rough few days and she keeps ending up in the swing for naps. This feels like a total fail because she has done so well sleeping in her crib. Fingers crossed that she doesn't get too spoiled! But really, there's really nothing more important than a sick baby getting some seriously good sleep.

Those legs!

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  1. Squishy babies are the BEST! She definitely looks like a 'little squish' and I love that you call her that! We swaddled Keah until she was 9-10 months old and called her our 'burrito baby'. She loved being swaddled and was my best sleeper because of it! Looks like you are loving motherhood! Thanks for sharing parts if it on here!