Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rocket Ship.

A few weeks back my mom ordered some lampshades. They came in an enormous (and incredibly light) box. I decided to hang onto the box because it had some serious potential for a kids craft. Then, for some reason the box just sat in my room for weeks.

Okay, I actually know the reason-- I am so noncommittal it is ridiculous. I'm great in relationships, but when it comes to crafts... aye yai yai! I go on pinterest, get a thousand different ideas and then get cold feet because I don't know how to achieve my fullest crafting potential. What is wrong with me??

Vince has been teaching me a few lessons over the years though. That I shouldn't sweat the small stuff, but more importantly, that I shouldn't care so much about what other people think. Our social media frenzied world is so obsessed with documenting everything. Naturally, I want to capture these fun memories, but the fact that I even have to stop and think about how the rocket ship will look on camera is just too silly.

So here we are, a few weeks later, and I finally threw in the towel. I didn't trace the stars, I cut crooked lines, we got glue everywhere, the pom poms fell off, scribbles all over the side of the box. Certainly not perfect, but certainly so much fun.

Don't let the judgement of every passerby stop you in your tracks. Get messy, let your kids imagine, and stray from that perfect pinterest world.

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