Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kate: 8 months old

February being cut short means Kate didn't have a true "8 month" landmark to celebrate. But that doesn't mean we're any less proud of her growth and accomplishments. This girl is almost going places! By that I mean she is getting up on her hands and knees with more stability than ever before. Instead of rocking uncontrollably, she is beginning to steady herself and reach forward until her legs slide out from beneath her. She also stumbled upon her ability to push herself up from her tummy onto her bottom. She's only done it a time or two, but seems quite pleased with herself for getting off the ground.

One of the sweetest milestones from this month was the addition of "da-da" into her babbling. Paul walked through the door, she gave him the biggest smile, and let our her first string of da-da-da-da's. In that very moment, Kate wrapped her old man around her squishy little finger. Paul didn't even wait to take off his shoes or change out of his work attire-- he immediately got down on the ground began chatting and loving on his baby girl. She is probably too young to associate da-da with Paul, but sometimes it really seems she knows what she's saying.

Her social skills are in full bloom. She's beginning to understand the process of reading books and loves turning the pages so she can devour (figuratively & literally) the next page. She has also taken to smacking the pages with open palms when she gets exited. Oh, and don't even get me started on her relationship with Vincent. She adores that boy. He is by far her favorite person. When we get her in the morning she is all smiles. Then, the moment she hears the patter of Vincent's feet as he enters the room, she lights up to a new level, kicks her legs, and squeals with delight. As she sits in the car, her head is always raised and cocked to the side so she can look at her big brother. Whenever he acknowledges her or makes a funny noise, she laughs with pleasure. It is a joy to see how much those two love one another.

She has become known as Katydid around here or Katy-Diddy-Do according to Vincent. I've taken quite a liking to dressing her up in some of the clothes I wore in my infancy. It's amazing how terrible some of the outfits are from the 80's. Yet, you stick a cute babe in the clothes and, miraculously, they become quite darling.

I find it remarkable that Kathryn is so joyful. Through all of the packing, jostling, moving, traveling and constant change we experienced this month, she has been a bright, happy babe. If you so much as look at her, an enormous smile spreads across her face and her blue eyes begin to twinkle. Even strangers are drawn to her happy spirit, stopping us on our way to admire her.

 Still: No teeth, sleeps like a champ, two naps a day, not pulling up to stand, great nurser, loves pacifiers, get rosy cheeks, loves to be cuddled.

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