Saturday, February 28, 2015

Two Weeks in No Man's Land

We flew to Grand Rapids, MI on Valentine's day. SUPER romantic, my friends. We looked at houses and were outbid on one. It was heartbreaking. But then our time was up and Paul flew back to Provo to defend his thesis while... well, while I killed some time.

I drove the rental car to my home sweet home in Ohio. Once there I continued to look for homes night and day while playing with siblings and their kiddos. Vince was over the moon to have so many friends to play with. The transition wasn't easy though. He kept pushing, hitting and taking toys. While he can be aggressive when it comes to toys, he has never been much of a hitter. We're hoping that the stress of moving will wear off and he'll return to his sweet self.

When Vincent wasn't being a bully, he was having the time of his life. New toys, cousins, a cat IN the house, Nana and Grandpa there every day. We certainly missed Daddy, and I was exhausted, but it was a good trip. Nieces and nephews grow up too fast so you need to see them often!

Darling Kate had a rough go of it. She was sick the entire two weeks we were in Ohio! She had difficulty sleeping too. I used it as an excuse to cuddle up and take afternoon naps with her. Ah, the beauty of naps! They solve everything.

I was anxious as all get out to drive back to Michigan and get back into the house hunting game. Paul flew out on Feb 28th and with the tetris skills of my mom, we packed the car and I was outta there.

Peace out, Ohio. See you for Easter!

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