Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kate: 10 months old

With all of the moving around I don't have many high quality pictures from this month. I had to make do with my cell phone camera. While it makes me sad, it's better than no pictures at all, right? In the meantime, here are some small details that make us love our little girl so much:

Laughs on demand

We have a crawler! Slow, mechanical, choppy movements, but so cute!

Last month we dropped the dream feed and at the end of this month we also dropped from 4 nursing sessions to 3. Ohhhh how I love it! This has made preparing dinner and go places after her first nap so much easier. With the drop in milk intake we've decided to supplement with formula after her night feeding. This has been a happy transition for the entire family.

Loves kicking her legs during stroller rides.

Has discovered how much fun it is to pull everything off the shelves, empty toy buckets and dump over containers.

She pulls to stand all the time now. She moves cautiously when walking with assistance. Can't do stairs yet but like to try anyway.

Waving! It is so darn cute. It's usually her palm facing in and her arm shaking back and forth. As the month progressed it turned to a palm-out wave like you would expect.

Prefers to sleep in daddy's arms. Dad has become the baby whisperer. She passes out in his arms every week at church. Go, Daddy!

Still no teeth! Vince got his first tooth at 9 months so we're becoming a little anxious for proof that she'll have chompers.

We found a great park by our house and found out that Kate is wild about swinging. She giggles and laughs with each push. We've assisted her with a few slides but she seems indifferent about it.

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