Saturday, May 2, 2015

Welcome Home!

It happened. It really, finally happened. We bought our first house! Paul and I found this bad boy in March. I walked in the front door and knew. It's similar to finding the right wedding dress. You try to justify others that could work... but then you try on the one and you know that none of the others were meant for you.

We closed on April 17th and handed over a fatty check and accepted 30 years of debt. But we also accepted a safe haven. A place to raise our family, have more kids, to teach and to learn. We've already had a leaky toilet and dishwasher, but we've also had a yard to play in (and mow), a flag to fly, a garage to park in (!!!), our very own washer and dryer (with a laundry chute) so I don't have to haul two kids outside, in addition to the copious amounts of dirty clothes, to do laundry. Ahhh, the pros so outweigh the cons.

I'm on cloud nine. Elated. Joyful. And oh so thankful that I live such a beautiful life. Life has its ups and downs, and for the time being I am off the charts on this high.


  1. MORE PICTURES PLEASE!!! it's darling!

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you guys! You deserve the best place and it sounds perfect!