Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Indianapolis Children's Museum

The main reason we went to Indy was to check out the newly constructed Temple, but we decided to make a weekend of it and go to the Children's Museum too. We stayed at a sketchy hotel (Andy was worried about getting Hep C) but we survived the night and had a fabulous day with the Kirkham family. Vince and Simon thought "sticking together" meant holding hands and running off together. Those boys are crazy by themselves, but as a team they are something else!

Vince had a great time in practically every exhibit. He loved dressing up and finding fossils, excavating the terracotta warriors, doing puzzles, playing on and with trains, "driving" hot wheels, wandering through the hall of mirrors, working as an ice cream server, catching fish, digging in the sand, making music, climbing and all of the other things I have since forgotten. It was a blast! We thought the kids would pass out on the drive home but Vince stayed awake for the entire drive. We miss the Kirkhams but love that we're close enough to do weekend trips with them!

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  1. This looks SO fun. I don't know if I can choose a favorite photo...although I DO love the second one where you're looking all cute, Vince is trying to smile with those goggles on and Kate just looks at her big brother with so much admiration. Or maybe it's confusion over the goggles? ;) Such a fun outing with the cutest little family! I can't believe how big Kate is getting and how long (and light!) her hair is. She is such a doll and Vince is such a handsome fellow.