Friday, August 21, 2015

That one time we went on a date.

Historically, Paul and I are big fat failures when it comes to weekly date night. Like, instead of once we week we go like once a year. Whoops. We keep telling ourselves we'll get better and I keep hoping we actually mean it. Whether or not we come through, this date was a success.

We made our way to Millennium Park and rented a tandem kayak. I was pouting about Paul sitting in the back until my arms got tired and I quit. Then I was quite glad he was in the power seat! For the first half hour we were pretty speedy. For the rest of the time we just soaked up the sun, talked without being interrupted, took selfies like high school girls, and tried to sneak in a kiss or two without falling out of the boat. I love my dreamboat of a man.

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