Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School

At the end of the Summer, I am normally itching to go back to school.
I think this is because being in Ohio for 4 months is a sufficient break to allow me to forget the bad memories and miss the good ones.
This Summer has been WAY different that the rest.
(Seeing as I'm married and spend oodles of time with my best friend)
School now means less time with Paul.
Me no likely.

I have decided that this school year is going to be different.
Instead of focusing on getting good grades I am going to focus on being a good nurse.
I already know this is going to be very difficult for me.
I get caught up over points and grades.
I HATE it!
So I decided I am done with it.
It is more important for me to feel that I am doing the best I can so I can effectively care for others.
It's going to take some effort... but I think this will make for the best semester yet.
Here's to focusing on what really matters!

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  1. Libby! Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's cool to find yours too! I love your perspective on school. I just started the elementary ed program, and instead of being so overwhelmed with all the classes, I am going to try to just focus on becoming a great teacher! Thanks! ;)

    PS I am still in Park Plaza, but I moved apartments, for the THIRD time in four months, it just really sucked. baha