Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pumping Gas

I have been pumping gas for quite some time. 
Before I could even drive, I would fill up my mom's car.
The first time I discovered that some people don't know how to pump gas
 was during my sophomore year in college.
My hilarious roommate, Hilary, got a car and admitted that she didn't know how.
I was absolutely STUNNED.
This past weekend, during our Portland trip, I got to witness this first hand.
We pulled up to a gas station and there was an attendant running around filling up the tanks.
Perhaps they were shorthanded. . . but he started asking the drivers for help.
Slowly, people stepped out of their cars and began staring at the pumps.
The attendant was shouting out directions at everyone because they had no clue how to do it.
I couldn't help but laugh and think of Hilly.
Life is so great.

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  1. Guilty, I was one of those! I obviously figured it out without directions on my first try but it was a little intimidating!