Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am very excited for what 2012 holds for our growing family.
About halfway through the year, Paul and I will welcome a little boy into our family. Then, in December I will finally graduate from the BYU Nursing program. (I never thought the day, or even the year, would ever come!) With graduation comes the possibility of moving! Whether this means Paul will transfer within his current company or call a different company home, we don't know. We might even find that staying here for a while is in our best interest. Needless to say, we have some decision making ahead of us.

Our goals, as we prepare for the changes ahead are:

1. Stay within our budget
We're doing our best to live like poor college students even though Paul has a full-time job. We discovered that we were doing a great job... except for how much we spend on restaurants. Whoops! We're determined to do better this year.

2. Daily family scripture study
This is something we did sporadically last year. However, with Baby Hannibal on the way, we know it will only become more difficult to form good habits like this. Therefore, we're getting into the habit now. Hopefully, this will make it easier to keep having family scripture study when we're busy with a baby.

3. Family prayer, morning and night
Same reasons as goal #2

4. Be healthy
A set of goals isn't complete without health being mentioned, right? Paul and I are taking a new approach this year. Since I'm pregnant, I can't lose weight. However, I can still be conscious of what I'm putting into my body. We have started food diaries/calorie counting to get an accurate perspective of how much we should eat. It has already been a great learning experience and we're getting better at choosing healthier options. This has also been a huge motivation to get us to exercise. Exercising = more food!

5. Fall even more in love
This year is going to be stressful one, but Paul and I are determined to use this year to grow closer together, rather than apart. We plan on do this through a myriad of ways: going to the Temple, going on dates, focusing on communication skills and teamwork, giving compliments, writing love notes, surprising one another and much, much more.

I am truly excited for what this year has to offer. However, I'm aware that the year could offer me everything I've ever dreamed of... but it doesn't matter unless I do something about it. This will be a year of keeping my eyes open and being grateful for all that I receive.


  1. Great goals you guys!!! What an exciting year lies ahead!

    Also, did you recently change the background for your blog? It's really cute!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! And yes, it is a new background. Our blog was ready for a makeover!

  3. Love your goals, especially the last one! I hope you have a fabulous year :)

  4. I say you both look for jobs here...just sayin.

  5. I am impressed that you made your relationship part of your goals and that you have a plan of action. You guys impress me!

  6. You have set some great goals. I love it! I love you two so much! I love reading your blog. I am always so impressed when I read what you are up to and what you are thinking.

    P.S. I'd love if you would move to Ohio!!

  7. You can't move! Ryanne and I will probably be out there next fall and we want to be married friends!