Thursday, April 19, 2012

36 Weeks & Nesting.

Pregnant brain has finally kicked in.
I can't focus on anything that takes real brain power.
(don't even ask me how I made it through finals)
So, instead, I have turned to preparing every little thing for the arrival of our baby.
Cleaning, shopping, sewing, the works!
I'm starting to get anxious.
Discomfort has set in which makes me want to get this baby out ASAP,
but there is still so much to do for school before he can come!

Although I'm due on the 13th, I keep telling myself he is coming on the 9th.
Just wait... I'm going to end up going to 41 weeks and deliver on the 20th.
It's crazy to me that there is so much uncertainty. 
You can never be sure when the baby is going to come.
It kills me!
I'm such a planner but there is no way to organize my schoolwork/his arrival because there is no knowing when the big day will actually happen.
Good thing I love him already.

He's doing well, by the way.
He is still head down... and he had better stay that way!
His heartbeat is strong and regular,
he loves stretching out and squishing my lungs,
he gets hiccups at night,
he loves junk food... 
(that might just be me, but he can take the blame for now)

Just a few more weeks and I can post pictures of a cute baby instead of a big belly!

Nesting = Tasty Orange Muffins

36 weeks!


  1. you're almost there!! good luck with finishing school and everything; i hope he comes soon for your sake!

  2. How cute are you! You're almost there and still look adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of the babe!!