Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Boy!

March 31st is an important day. It was the day that Paul came into the world! (Thank you Kathryn!)
We had a great time celebrating.

First, we went to Denny's so Paul could get a free Grand Slam for breakfast!

Then, Paul opened presents:

As to keep with Hannibal tradition, I got Paul his favorite cereal.
Baby Hannibal wanted to join in on the fun too, so he got his dad a book. 
Paul also got a photo book and some moo-lah so buy a new mouse for his laptop.
To top it off, I got him some chunky peanut butter.
... I've never seen him more excited.

We watched the first session of General Conference and loved every minute of it.
Then I got started on his birthday cake...
I broke my first egg. It was sad.
For lunch, we went to Red Robin and Paul got his free birthday burger!
We splurged and he got a freckled lemonade too... lucky boy.

Two sessions of conference later, we celebrated with cake and ice cream!

Paul is the best. I really do love this man with all of my heart.
Happy 26th birthday, babe!


  1. you guys are so cute :) Love the peanut butter haha

  2. Libby, you are so darn adorable. And I love your blog!

  3. You two know how to celebrate birthdays!