Saturday, August 11, 2012

Into the Wild.

Remember these guys?
(Margaret, Buddy and Franky)

 Paul got them for me for my birthday.
I enjoyed having them...
until I had a baby.
After that, they just became a burden.
Maybe we're just lazy but it was hard to find time to clean the tank.

Last week we went to Bridal Veil Falls and we noticed that there was a little fish pond.
There were signs all over encouraging people to feed the fish.

Do you know where this is going yet?

Today Paul decided that he wanted to go for another hike.
We decided to go back to Bridal Veil falls because there is a nice path for the stroller.
While getting ready we recalled that lovely little pond.
... So we took the fish with us.

We put them in a pitcher and gave them a HUGE "Last Supper"
We also made the water cold so they wouldn't be shocked to death at the falls.

Within 1 minute of arriving, 3 people commented on the goldfish.
Paul was embarrassed.

He sucked it up and went to accomplish his mission.
There were so many people there!
I couldn't stop laughing.
Paul was a champ and he kept a straight face the entire time.
Two families saw him do it.

We took off for a nice jog and returned about a half hour later.
We were pleased to spot 2 of the 3 goldfish swimming around!
No idea where the third one went though...

Can you see the Orange blurb? That's a goldfish.

Vince doesn't even know what happened.


  1. Haha this is the funniest post EVER!! I love it!

  2. That's hilarious!!! I hope the fish love it there.