Friday, August 17, 2012

Not so fast, please.

Last night I picked up Vincent and held him while he was sleeping.
Things can get crazy and frustrating during the day, but there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.
I just stared at him and took in all of the little details:
The way his eyelashes curl, the shape of his lips and his tiny fingers.
He has already changed so much in three months.
I cuddled him close and realized that this isn't going to last forever.
First he'll start walking, then he'll leave me for school, serve a mission and find a woman to marry.
It's easy to wish away the time.
But last night I wanted time to stand still.
I am going to miss this special time with my first baby.
I am determined to enjoy each of Vincent's stages more fully.
So Vince, you can grow up... but not so fast, please.

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