Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tres Meses.

Sorry that I'm always late with these monthly updates! 
Last week Vincent hit 3 months.
The transformation from 2 months is 3 months in unbelievable.
If you'll recall, Vince would never wake up to eat and when I finally woke him up he would just fall back to sleep while eating. I am pleased to announce that he finally woke up!
It's fun to be able to play with him more and I love that he eats faster now.
He is a smart little boy. When we read books you can see him focus in on the pictures and look back and forth between the pages. Vince is also to point where he can grabs things too.
He's very smiley now. Getting him up in the morning is the best because he just looks up and beams at you. It's precious. It also seems like he is really close to laughing. Can't wait to hear his little giggle!
Although he finally "woke up" during the day, he still sleeps like a champ at night.
He keeps getting cuter and more talkative. Mainly he oohs and ahhs, but he has recently added squeals to his repertoire. He talks the most right after he eats or right before he goes to sleep.
We're pretty much the luckiest parents ever.

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