Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eight months.

It's not very often that I blog right on Vince's month birthdays. It would probably remain that way except for the fact that his eight months landed on a Sunday. So here we are. My little Vince is growing up faster than I could imagine.

He continues to love food more and more each day. Instead of buying all of our baby food we have started making it ourselves. He used to make such nasty faces because he hated the texture.

 In one short month he has made leaps and bounds. Now he mashes up the little bits in his mouth and he can down more cheerios than you can imagine!

 He's a smart young chap. During the Christmas season he kept trying to help us put the puzzles together. He also loves staying on his eating and sleeping schedule. Sometimes I go to nurse him and he's already waiting for me! What a punctual fellow.

He goes wild in the bathtub! Kicking, splashing, squealing and laughing. It's probably one of my favorite times. Although he's growing up and using his hands to explore more things, he still loves shoving stuff in his mouth.

 Slowly but surely he's becoming more mobile. He's been a champ at sitting for many moons now. However, he just doesn't seem interested in moving! At 7.5 months we had a breakthrough when he started doing consecutive rolls to get across the floor. Now that we've hit 8 months he has mastered the art of numerous barrel rolls. We've quickly had to adjust by baby proofing and hiding all of the cords that he so loves to eat. In the past couple days he's ventured up onto his knees. It's so weird to see him in a crawling position. He'll rock back and forth a few times before he plops back down onto his chubby tummy. I could just eat him up!

While he's generally a happy boy, he has his moments. We've made a transition from three naps to two. It was rough at first but he's doing much better and continues to sleep 11 hours at night [heaven]. He's still a baby though. He cries and fusses, especially when I'm trying to study for the NCLEX. 

But those big blue eyes get me every time. In the end, after the crying and fussing he looks up at me and I remember why I'm doing this. I love my little monster. I love his sweet voice as he babbles da-da and buh-buh, the way his toes curl up when I tickle his feet and his high pitched squeals of excitement. I hope I never forget that there is nothing more important than raising my children.  


  1. He is too cute! The video of him eating bananas is priceless! It's amazing he lets you put them in his mouth when he obviously doesn't enjoy them at all. All the pictures are wonderful, but my fav is the bath shot. Nice job keeping this post rated G. :)

  2. Wow he has grown up so much. And he's absolutely adorable. I especially liked the photo of him in his red jump suit. Too cute!

  3. Libby, your little boy is so stinking cute!