Monday, January 28, 2013

Mondays don't have to be bad.

Monday marks the beginning of the work week, the school week, the get-left-at-home-while-your-husband-makes-money week. As Sunday night draws to a close the sunrise on Monday morning can seem so gloomy. Though I'm beginning to think that the build up of complaints, dismay and dread turn Monday into something far worse than it really is.

Today I cared for my baby, made cookies with a sister, skyped with my husband, ate a lovely dinner with my parents, went to family night with four of my siblings and their adorable kids, watched Jeopardy and read a book. Whoa! What a wonderful day. Now that I've graduated and taken the NCLEX it is slowly dawning on me that every day is mine to fill. I can choose how I'm going to cultivate myself, spend my time and enjoy life. The key is not wasting the precious time we have here on Earth.

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