Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 month old milestones

Kate seems to be taking her milestones out of order. Here she is at 5 months, still not rolling over. Vince rolled at 2.5 months! I did a little research and found that some babies don't roll until 6 months. This gave me a sense of relief. But in reality, I'm not too concerned. Why? Because she has good muscle tone and is making good advances with other milestones. Every website that says "each baby is different" really isn't kidding. The differences between Kate & Vincent's infancy is unbelievable.

Although she's not a roller, she's turning into a sitter. When I see her sitting it gives me a pang of sadness and utter delight. How is she growing up so fast? I just want to keep this squishy baby forever. But then... it's so exciting to see her grow, learn and reach milestones.

 In addition to sitting Kate does the following:

-Blows raspberries non-stop
-Whimpers like a little puppy dog
-While on her tummy, pushes her chest off the ground
-Sleeps 13 hours at night (8 pm til 9 am, with a dream feed at 11 pm)
-Takes 2-3 naps averaging 1-2 hours in length
-Puts self to sleep (frequently require a pacifier but occasionally calms down without one)
-Nurses every 3.5 to 4 hours (5x a day including dream feed)
-Turns in circles while on her tummy
-Inches forward while on her tummy
-Grabs absolutely everything
-Reaches for toys that are too far away and scoots/turns to get them
-Still sleeps swaddled for naps
-Coos, giggles, laughs
-Sticks her legs straight up in the air and plays with feet
-While on her back, rolls all the way onto her side (if that darn arm weren't there to stop her she'd be rolling!)
-Splashes and loves bathtime
-Cries when parents leave the room
-Has no teeth but drools like a dog
-Exclusively breastfed
-Stands for less than 60 seconds with someone holding her (she doesn't like to support her weight with her legs, she used to just crumple into a heap but has recently improved with a little extra practice)
-Spits up heinous amounts of milk but is happy and continues to grow 

Throw back to when Vince was 5 months old too.

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