Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Freebies

I am a sucker for birthday freebies. Especially when it comes to free food.

In years past, I've taken part in lots of birthday deals. But back in my younger days I would get suckered in by the BOGO and "free appetizer" deals. Getting an item free is great, but paying for the rest is not so great. So this year we made a pact to only cash in on the absolutely free, no purchase necessary, zero dollars out of pocket, FREE food.

And now I'm here to share with you our list of free birthday foodies.

 1. Baskin Robbins: We typically pass on paying beaucoup bucks on specialty ice cream. That's part of what makes this free scoop of one of BR's 31 flavors so exciting

2. Del Taco: Just for being born you can get a free premium shake. Complete with little strawberry bits that will get stuck in your straw and a fluffy whipped cream on top. The hubs usually steals this one from me. (Also available in chocolate and vanilla)

3. Red Robin: This bad boy will get you a free burger (or chicken sandwich) and bottomless frites for frizzle.

4. Which Wich: A free small (7") wich of your choice. This year I went with a club and traded in my usual Dijon mustard for honey mustard. It was a birthday treat for sure.

5. Pita Pit: We are regulars at Pita Pit, so I was to the moon when I got a birthday deal for an entirely free pita. I love that they don't charge extra for items like avocado, artichokes and feta cheese.

6. Denny's: This puppy requires no prior sign up, obnoxious e-mails or printed coupons. Go in ON your birthday and feast upon their Grand Slam. Make sure you have your ID though! They'll ask for it when you check out.

7. Noodles & Company: A free bowl of drool worthy carbs! There are so many tasty options, but my current fav is the Japanese Pan Noodles.

8. Rubio's: Up to $7 in free food. I scored a Burrito Especial free of charge. Woot woot! I don't like fish, but it you do there are tons of other seafood options for you.

9. Dickey's Barbeque Pit: A free Big Barbeque Sandwich. If you live in Provo you can pick up this deal when you get your Rubio's! They're in the same parking lot. Delish.

10. Sonic: We didn't cash in on this treat because there were too many others that trumped it. But ON your birthday they offer a free tater tots or slush.

11. Firehouse Subs: Also didn't partake of this goodness because you can only eat so much food on your actual birthday. This is similar to Denny's where you don't need to sign up for anything. Just show them your ID and you're golden for a free sub.

12. Mimi's Cafe: Free desert- no purchase necessary! The coupon also says that it must be dine-in, but we were able to get this one to-go last year without a problem.

13. Rita's: This Italian ice/custard will take you to heaven. Especially since it won't cost you a dime. Dang, it's good to be born!

 The only place we stooped and forked over cash was at Tucanos. One free churrasco with the purchase of another. Worth it, because it's a $25 savings if you dine in for dinner.

 The list isn't enormous, but it is cost effective and delicious.  If you're aware of any deals I missed inform me pronto. Oh, and no need to thank me.

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  1. Going to pay a visit to some of these places in January!