Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

Christmas Eve was a wonderful evening. We went to the Brallier's for dinner and since my parents were in town they joined us. How often do you get your kids and both sets of grandparents in the same room?! It was lovely, but I forgot to get my camera out. And boy, do I regret it. I planned on getting a picture of Kate & her TWO namesakes, but the evening got away from me. Darn.

Kathryn Brallier made quite the spread for our buffet style dinner. I was stuffed to the brim. I ate four pretzel rolls that night. Four. That delicious scent and the taste of the rolls is still fresh in my mind. Hands down, my favorite part of dinner. A close second was the spinach artichoke dip. We got so spoiled. My belly ached by the end of the meal. 

Afterward we had a talent show. Vince & I did some acrobatics, Ron & Kath sang and played a musical number, my dad read some passages from A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens is a fantastic author), and Grandma performed Casey at the Bat. A nice game afterward and the evening was through.

Christmas morning was perfect too. When Vince woke up he got to empty out his stocking. Santa fills the stockings, you know. He played with some new toys and waited until Paul made French Toast for breakfast. I believe this will become a tradition for us; Children opening stockings one by one until everyone is awake and ready for family breakfast. Perhaps when they're all old enough we'll wait for breakfast until after presents, but only time will tell.

My parents had a busy morning. First Christmas with the Burt's, breakfast, and then over to our place for Christmas round #2. One of the first gifts Vincent opened was an alphabet leap frog computer. I'm surprised we got him to put it down long enough to open the rest of his presents. As the day went on he wouldn't put down his computer or take off the hat that Grandma Brailler made for him. Lucky little boy.

Kate is still too young for Christmas, though she did enjoy ripping some wrapping paper and drooling on her new sensory ball set. She got some cuddle time with Nana during presents though, and that was special. 

It was also great fun for me to have my parents in town. Holidays can be so hectic and expensive that travel often isn't an option. I'm grateful that my parents left their cozy home to visit with the Utah family. It was a merry Christmas for all of us.

  Don't take my picture, Mom.
I'll give you a candy cane.

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