Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baby in a Bonnet

Everyone should be jealous. My mother-in-law is one talented lady. She learned to crochet when she was in primary (why don't we learn cool stuff like that anymore?) and is now amazing at a slew of other crafting abilities. Each time I open a handmade gift from her I stare in disbelief at how she could possible make something so intricate and beautiful.

A short while after I announced I was having a girl, Kathryn presented me with a bonnet, dress, and matching booties. I stored it away to pull out for the colder winter months. In the meantime, I forgot about it and went on living life. Recently, I pulled out Kate's 6-9 month clothes and shrieked with delight when I rediscovered this precious ensemble.

It hasn't taken me long to come to the point where I don't save Kate's cutest outfits for special occasions. I love dressing her up even if we spend the entire day in our front room. So thank you, Grandma, for making your grand kiddos the most incredible clothing.

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